Marylebone Pub Conversion

The project was to convert a landmark pub into a working restaurant.

The pub had previously undergone an interior renovation which was substandard to current building regulations. All the electrical, ventilation and fire services needed to be replaced.
This involved gutting the interior on the groundfloor and basement, redesigning the seating area and creating a commercial kitchen from scratch.

The conversion posed a variety of challenges and we worked closely with Westminster Council building control and planning department throughout the project.

We designed a hidden air conditioning system and new extraction systems.
The basement level was extremely damp and needed to be tanked.
Dumb waiters were fitted to bring the food from the kitchen in the basement to the diners on the ground floor.
We obtained planning permission to install a scissor lift below the pavement for the delivery of produce from street level straight to the kitchen.
Planning permission was also required for the extraction system which had to pass stringent noise and air pollution tests for residential areas.

Duke Of York Public house

Ground floor layout

Basement / Kitchen layout



Bar before

Bar after

View 1

View 2

View 3

View 4