Specialised projects


During a recent basement conversion, we uncovered two small vaulted rooms. The entrances had been covered over with a dense block wall, before the 1950′s and the rooms had been long since forgotten. The walls of the vaults were absolutely sopping wet, possibly the reason the rooms had been blocked off in the first place. Conventional tanking methods using waterproof cements would not have been effective and would have failed in the long run, so we turned instead to Isola Platon Cavity Drain Membranes.
These membranes can be used internally or externally and are a very efficient and cost effective way to drain and control large amounts of water and damp ingress.
Platon Cavity Drain membranes are made of high-density studded polyethylene sheets (HDPE) and Polypropolene (PP), which are impervious to water and are vapour proof. They were the perfect solution for the task in hand and when placed against the damp brick structure, form permanent cavities between the structure and the internal shell.

Tanking preparation 1

Tanking preparation 2

Cavity Drain Membrane

Finished vault