Timber Construction

We have extensive knowledge in timber construction and have devised innovative and cost effective ways of erecting buildings where space is restrictive or access is difficult.
Our Boathouse Walk project in Peckham required full use of our expertise in timber design and construction. Flanked on one side by a school and two more by a public park made access very difficult.
The local council refused us the licence to erect scaffolding. This seemingly made building the extra story impossible and almost put an end to the project..
As a result we designed a “flat packed” timber frame structure, each wall consisting of a single panel, we constructed them on the existing roof and winched them into their respective positions. It worked beautifully. No need for scaffolding and it proved to be very cost effective in terms of labour and materials.

Panel construction-step 1

Panel construction-step 2

Panel construction-step 3

Panel construction-step 4

Panel construction-step 5

Panel construction-step 6

Panel construction-step 7

Timber frame